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looks great for Mork Borg

Who did the art for this? It's beautiful!

Hi, I created all the art for this; the cover image is a collage of a few public domain art pieces, but the map, and the illustrations in the DURF version are all drawn by me :)


Gonna kick off a Worlds Without Number campaign with this, thank you!


Good luck! Let me know how it goes :)


Will do! Btw, do you plan to have a player version of the map for online games?


I've literally just made one last week for a session I ran so I'll upload it here too :D Cheers!

Many blessings! You're amazing!


Had a lot of fun running this with DCC. Good stuff!


This is excellent, particularly like the layout. Great job.


This is a beautiful little booklet. Monster stats are very similar to those of OSE.

The greatest thing about this booklet is that every dungeon page has a reference to the stats of the monsters on the same page. So you don't have to flip back an forth. Looking forward to running it!