A short roguelike I created for the Godot Wild Jam #58.

Can you make it to level 15 of the Temple?

I hoped to have more time to put in some more enemy variety, but I'm nonetheless quite happy with how it turned out.

Controls (can be remapped in the Options menu):

Move: WASD

Dash: Space

Shoot: Y

Interact: E

My own current best time: 13:57:56

If you beat it, I'd love to hear about it!

Known Bugs:

- If you leave your discs on the ground while changing levels, they will glitch when you try to return them to you. Walking into a new room resolves this.

- Pressing "Try Again" will not properly refresh all upgrade options, so after a while you will only get the same upgrades offered to you at Shrines. Refreshing your browser before starting a new run fixes this.

- Sometimes the game crashes when going to the next level. Probably something wrong in the level generation, but I could not figure it out before the jam deadline. EDIT: This is probably related to the previous bug. The available upgrades will eventually run out and crash the game.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(50 total ratings)
AuthorEmiel Boven
GenreAction, Role Playing
TagsRoguelike, Speedrun


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Really cool game! :) Congratulations

Fun times! Good bones for a longer game, keep up the good work :)

love it! With extra stuff, I can see myself playing this for hours.

The disk mechanichs is really fun.

Cool game!

Shrine Warden Gameplay

our first sub 10 min run! love it

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I beat the dev score too. Attraction + reflection, enlargement, and acceleration, and NO multiplication ensures you one-shot everything, and you hit everything fairly quickly.

I'd love to see a more fleshed-out version, with more different types of enemies.

PS: attraction and freezing are vastly overpowered compared with everything else. multiplication is only worth it if you get freezing, but if you do it is amazing.

I got like 12 multiplication discs, with enlargment 3 times. It doesn't one shot, but it murders everything.

Got it below 10 minutes. 3 early enlargements, 2 early accelerations, freezing, too much reflection, and 3 multiplications for 6 damage per hit.

I've changed my mind a little; attraction without multiplication is often a risk.

Technical questions. The game loads well to me on my mac. Which version of Godot are you using? because when I export with Godot 4 on mac I can not open the web version :/


For this project I used Godot 3.5, specifically for that reason :) But I've heard that the web export should be fixed or closer to being fixed in Godot 4.1, which released last week

Let’s see :)

could you make it so that there are more use of coins?


Yes, the full version will have more uses for coins :)

sz sz sz


I NEED the full version!


first tryyy babyyyyy


I have done it

Cool game


The method of attack is a chakram, and the use of timing to return the chakram to hand is tricky, but very interesting to operate. There are many upgrades to choose from, and some of them, such as homing, even changed the controls, which was fun to select. I tried to beat my best time without looking for upgrades, but the blue eyeballs chased me and I died while going crazy! It was a lot of fun though.


Good time was made. meow!


That's awesome! Thanks for playing!


very nice and polished, simple and honestly straight to the point i love it, one thing though is i would love an infinite mode, and also if perhaps there were more upgrades like slight orbiting shots which eventually with upgrades just circle around you perfectly, piercing which would allow for discs to hit multiple times the same enemy, even more so if you have the knockback upgrade, and maybe DOT and more. But i love it nonetheless~!

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fun fact, enemies only deal damage to you while they dash, so you could just run against the crowd and never take damage ;)

edit: remember to walk/dash against them right after they dash, so they won't have reaction time to dash at you after you've gone through them.


very fun and satisfying


Just wondering, how many levels are there? (Between, I have died on level 15)


15 levels :)


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Enjoyed the game. Very fun and well-polished. It would be nice to have enemies not spawn on/near you at the start of fights, but since dash-invulnerability-frames are so strong, it's fine anyways. 

Very fun.

edit: suggested upgrade ideas for dash: longer dash, dash deals damage, etc. or upgrading the lifesteal on kill effect to be online at 20%, 40%, 50% HP, etc.

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very fun and polished game!

my record is 10:32:0 cant post images because idk why, i think dashing defintly needs a cooldown its way too op since you can spam it and be immune to everything

Really fun, congratz!

really fun game, sometimes i only get expansion and projectile speed the whole run, hasn't crashed yet to me. obviously needs more upgrade and enemies but this is a really fantastic start.

and also, i made it so that attack and dash will use the same button. It will initially throw the projectile then will simultaneously dash and recall. it made it difficult XD


game is fun, I think I would rather aim with the mouse tho


Managed to beat the dev score

Very fun game, great gameplay loop and execution of the theme. I'd love to see this game fleshed out more honestly. Getting more discs seems like the best strategy from what I can tell, enemies can't wind up an attack if you hit them so tossing out discs willy nilly just wins. I did notice that after i restarted the game many times I kept getting the same shrine offerings and the game bugged out and eventually crashed.

Pretty sweet game, has got all the ingredients to make it addictive! One little bug, discs can leave the room and then when you recall them they keep bouncing against the outside wall.

This game was fun! It says it was made for the GWJ 58, but it doesn't seem like it was submitted to the jam for rating. That's a shame, as I think it'd do quite well. Maybe next time?


I had some trouble with submitting it, but that is fixed now! So if you'd like to leave a rating, you can do so here: https://itch.io/jam/godot-wild-jam-58/rate/2123760


Loved the game! Definitely going to finish it on my own time =P got a tad full of myself but sweet sweet karma put me in my place haha. Keep up the amazing work and left a follow =)


Wow thanks for playing! 

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well made, and quite fun. my main complaint is a couple of the rites don't really serve much purpose, particularly the healing one (since you only heal while below 20% health, and even at max health most monsters will instantly kill you at the health level, so getting healed to stay there doesn't mean much)

also a button to pull up a level map would be nice


Thanks for playing! I'll add your feedback to my to-fix/to-do list for an eventual update :)

Is it a design choice of not inserting a invulnerability timer after being hit?


more like a design oversight lmao


I'm absolutely in love with this! After dying for the first time I was itching to immediately get back into the action and try out the other rites. This was simple and easy to follow but still kept me on my toes making last second dodges. Please, please make more!

I'd really love to see the different enemies and rites you come up with! (I got some ideas already, let me know if you want them haha)


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it :) 

I have a list of bugs I need to fix and additions I want to implement. I'll try to update this when I have some time over the next few months :)


Thanks for this.

A couple minor UI comments: there doesn’t seem to be a way to open the main menu while in game*, so had to wait until dying to remap keys (since didn’t check Options menu originally). Also the name of rebound keys don’t appear for prompts but rather the default mapped key names.

* Perhaps this is intentional to prevent any pausing.


Hey, thanks for playing! I didn't find the time to add a way to return to the main menu from the game during the jam, but I'll add it later in a proper update!

Sorry.. But I got a bug in player, the thing I shoot out then I move to next map... that shot thing just block outside, and I never get it back anymore. No any attack methods in that moment, until I died by enemies...


It should be fixed in the current build :D


Great mechanic and really fun submission to the jam. Wish there was some remapping option because I hate y to shoot. I love the character too: Looks like you took some inspiration from Journey? Really amazing work. 


Thank you! There are remap options in the Options menu at the start screen :) I just didn't have time to create a way for the player to access it during a run, so you'll have to restart the game to remap controls :)

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Ok so I've had some good runs, but the ring gets stuck if you throw it and don't retrieve it before entering another room. You will just hear lots of bouncing noises, and you won't be able to throw, effectively losing you the game. I've lost so many rune due to this.


I want to second this bug report. Had a lot of fun and even managed to clear the whole temple, but only after painfully learning to always recall my weapon in every room.

Interestingly, if you can cross a room after leaving behind the weapon, it’s back in the one after.

I haven't been able to tell if the bug only happens if you leave the disc(s) behind in a prior room or not. Have you noticed whether or not it happens even when you collect them before moving to the next room? Really love the aesthetic and general design, hope this gets fixed


So far, I've only been unable to use my weapon if I didn't pick it up in a previous room. No problem if I remembered to recall it before transitioning.
Recall is assumed to be at fault here because of the above mentioned bouncing noises upon pressing the attack button—apparently from the ring(s) hitting a nearby wall, trying to return to you.

In my testing up to now, two factors seemed to play a big role in the bug:
a) Firing a shot in the room with the stairs and not recalling it leaves me unable to shoot in the next level's starting room (the one with the little pedestal) in 100% of the cases, leading to the known bouncing sounds. Everything resumes working correctly once I enter any connecting room.
b) Performing at least one ”Rite of Multiplication“ is guaranteed to leave me defenseless in an enemy room if I left my rings behind in the directly preceding one on the same floor or the stairs room on the preceding floor. The latter scenario trumps what I described in a). Failing to recall multiple rings in the last room of the previous floor completely locked my out of firing in the next arena, even though I crossed an empty room (start of the current floor) beforehand.

When you get enough of the size increases you get that same sound if it happens to be on the other side of the doorway. It slowly collisions its way back to you with the same bonking on the wall sound. Dunno if it sometimes resets to some default position outside the playfield or whatever. Good finds, hope there will be a new version since I like using the multi power up. Skipped taking those and made it to like level 11 or so before a legit death.


this should be fixed now :)


this should be fixed now!


Sonnuvabitch you've been working in Godot too?!


Hell yeah! I switched over to Godot last year!


I'll have to finish my prototype and throw it up on itch! (great work btw)


Thanks! I'd love to see what you are working on!