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If this zine includes two "alternative" characters archetypes, where are the standard ones? I cannot find them in DURF.


You can find them here: :)

Thank you! Somehow I couln't find it.

Does anyone know how to print this at home? Adobe acrobat centres the pages so there's massive white borders around each page, ruining the nice spreads with art that bleeds acorss pages

The best way to do it is to make sure the size is set to 100% and to print it in booklet format, so it essentially will print two pages on one piece of paper. That way you can fold the pages in half and it should form a small zine! You can staple it in the middle if you want!

It's normal that there is a bit of extra white space though. You're supposed to cut that off.

Thank you for the reply, and I’m quite familiar with making zines at home with my printer using the same method you’ve described. Usually there’s no problems but for this zine that method results in each page not displaying or printing using the full space alloted, leaving inches wide gaps around each page. I wasn’t sure of this was a format issue others were having or there’s some setting I’m not aware of in this particular case?

I've checked it and it does indeed seem like a non-standard size!
Maybe it's supposed to be printed and folded like a mini-zine???


Yes, the zine is made for A6 instead of A5 :)


Thank you for making this! I love everything DURF.

If it's not much trouble, would you consider making a printer-friendly version of the PDF? My printer is scared of those all-black pages...

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Thank you!

Yes! I'll upload a print-friendly version soon ✨

EDIT: done :)

Thank you!