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Deep in the Berrenmoot Swamps stands a ruin, forgotten by most. Inside lives a creature with an insatiable appetite and its loving mother, who cares for naught else besides her precious child.

Included in the handcrafted Collected Edition of DURF, available here!

Lair of the Gobbler is a dungeon module for a party of low Hit Die adventurers (1-2 HD). It is written for DURF but can easily be adapted for other old school inspired TTRPGs.

This module is now also available in Italian, thanks to Francesco Catenacci!

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CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorEmiel Boven
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tagsdungeon, durf, module, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Italian


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Just played DURF for the first time using this adventure!! It was very fun thank you (:


That's so great to hear! Thank you :)


ran this for some students who had never played an RPG. We had a great time. This is an excellent little low-level dungeon!

Awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


Great scenario. 

I've got it with the Bundle for Ukrania and I've enjoyed read it. I'm sure my players will get the same pleasure.

That's great to hear! Thank you :)