1.2 Update


With the Kickstarter of Issue 02 having been a big success, I thought it a good idea to fix some small issues I found in the first issue. Nothing major, mostly just fixing small typos and wrong formatting, but there were some changes that make the rules in this PDF version slightly different from the first print run (the second print run I will contain these changes).

  • The success range on the Weapons/Armor/Ammo usage rolls were not consistent with other similar d6 rolls in the rules. For example, the roll you make if a character is on Death's Door has a negative result on a 1-3, while if you roll to see if you must mark a use for your armor, 4-6 is negative. To make this more consistent, this has been changed so low rolls are bad for all these type of rolls.

  • The price and carrying capacity of transport options has been changed to make more sense. The price for airships has doubled to further emphasize the fact that they are objects of great strategic and political import and are almost impossible to acquire. Further, big vessels now have their carrying capacity marked by an asterisk, since their storage space is too big to be practically expressed in slots. It is up to the Seer to judge what will and will not overburden a vessel like that.

  • What happens when a warlock tries to cast a spell and doesn't have enough ink has been slightly altered. Previously, the spell would simply fail and the warlock would take damage. Now, the Seer may still allow the spell to manifest but have it accompanied by an unforeseen side effect with a potency similar to the spell's potency. This way, not having enough ink when casting a Minor potency spell can have some small side effects, but casting a spell of Mythic potency without enough ink can, besides probably killing the caster, also have some world altering side effects.

Those are all the bigger changes to the text of the PDF. Besides these changes, I've also added clickable hyperlinks to the table of contents and to the page references throughout the rules. I hope this makes navigating the PDF a little easier :)

Stay safe and enjoy!

- Emiel


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Mar 13, 2023

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