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“On Orn the pauper dreams of a liquid, black as starless night. The power of gods, distilled into midnight ink.”

The Electrum Archive is a science-fantasy TTRPG zine series inspired by the worlds of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Dark Sun and Ultraviolet Grasslands. It uses simple core rules inspired by other OSR games like Cairn, Mausritter and Whitehack to quickly get you started playing. 

The game is set on the world of Orn, a place long ago abandoned by an alien race now known as the Elders. The magical ink left behind in the shipwrecks of these ancient aliens is now used as currency and inhaled by warlocks as fuel for their spell casting. Adventurers called inkseekers venture out into the decaying world beyond the cities ruled over by scheming Merchant Houses to look for Elder artefacts and ink.

What's in this first zine?

  • A robust system of core rules and procedures to get you started exploring Orn.
  • A large point crawl map of the inhabited portion of Orn.
  • Descriptions of the eight major factions and their schemes.
  • 60 plot hooks spread over six detailed regions to kickstart your adventure.
  • 120 engaging encounters to come across on your journeys.
  • A bestiary with over 30 monsters to discover and a table for generating NPCs.

Physical Copies

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Resources and Third-Party License

Check out electrumarchive.com for resources like digital character sheets! It also contains a third-party license if you want to create and publish your own hacks and supplements :)


To set the mood while you are reading the zine or while you are playing, Sam Leigh has put together a wonderful playlist for The Electrum Archive.

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AuthorEmiel Boven
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsExploration, Fantasy, OSR, Sci-fi, tabletop-game, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionAbout an hour


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I’ve had this for a long while but had shamefully not given it the in-depth read it deserves. I’ve finally remedied that and gosh it’s just so dang good.

As soon as physical stock is back in at Exalted Funeral, I'll pick it up... I still cling to physical over virtual copies.

That might take a while since I'm all out of the first print. I'll be reprinting the first zine as part of the second zine's Kickstarter campaign, so you can consider picking it up there :)

Same question, great answer. Will back.

Just bought this zine in Subcultures- Netherlands!

Absolutely loving it!

Awesome! Thank you :)

Hey there, I added your zine to Goodreads a while back, and I've written a review there!


(1 edit)

Thank you so much!

Any word on how to get a paper copy? Have been loving it so far with the pdf!

(1 edit)

Yes! You can get a copy as part of this bundle.

If you want to buy just this zine, there are copies currently on their way to the following shops:

So keep an eye on those :)

Seems like ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THIS WORLD in Germany doesn't have at all... I hope there will be a restocking. I'm really looking forward to getting a physical copy. It seems like I blew my chance

(1 edit) (+1)

The copies haven't reached the store yet, so there will still be a chance for you to get your hands on a physical copy :) And if they sell out quickly I'll make sure to send over more to keep them stocked

Thank you for clarifying!

They are now available!


Have played two games of this and am absolutely loving it, got a community copy but will definitely be buying when I can. Seriously awesome, can't wait for more!  Setting is awesome, mechanics are simple and very quick to get things going. I LOVE the spell system, simple yet flexible and super interesting. Tons of encounters and generators. Just super solid all around.


Thank you!


This is so cool! I've read almost 50% of the zine now. This reminds of Caves of Qud and I really love it!


Hell yeah :D


I grew up on Nausicaa, Moebius and Morrowind. I am looking forward to running this, I would have loved this when I was sixteen. Really lovely stuff!


Thank you so much, that means a lot! :)


I saw this on the OSRRPG Instagram page and was intrigued. Really glad I grabbed this. The mechanics are light, but a little more meaty than a lot of other light systems (which I am grateful for), the setting REALLY freakin' neat, and the art is perfect for what this zine brings to the table.

I really can't wait for Volume 2. I hope it has more than the Irr too. I am pretty stoked to learn about the Sunless Princedoms, but I'd also love some more worldbuilding and weird stuff. I put on my Electric Wizard playlist and dove deep into the zine. So glad I nabbed this!


Thank you so much! Reading this made me really happy :)

Hello, how many players is this designed for? I can't see that info anywhere - sorry if I'm just blind :-) Can it be played/adapted for solo?

(1 edit) (+1)

I like playing it with 2-5 people, but you can just scale encounter sizes to your liking so adapting it for solo play shouldn't be too much trouble. The encounters tables are filled with encounters that can spiral into their own sub-adventures so I think that would help a bunch when playing without a Game Master.

Is there a mailing list or some other way to be notified when the physical version goes on sale?


I'll post about it on my Twitter @emielboven and on here, but you can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter: https://emielboven.substack.com/ 


I absolutely love the style of this, it's gorgeous. I bought the digital and am following for news about the print version when available.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you :)


This is fantastic. I played a couple sessions on the discord during the playtest, and really enjoyed it. Now that I see art for the orb drones, they're even scarier than imagined haha.


This book looks great! I’m in love with the art.  I’m going to hold off for a physical copy in October. Can you tell us what storefront will carry it?


Thank you!

I haven't officially approached any other retailers yet but Ratti Incantatti in Canada and LFOSR in the US will definitely stock them. ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD in Germany will probably also sell them since they were happy to carry my other game DURF :)

Will the physical copy include a copy of the PDF? Or some way to put the cost of the PDF towards the physical copy if we purchase the PDF now?


Might depend a bit on the shop but I'll try to make it so that physical copies include a digital PDF :)


Sounds good. I'll be playing my first DURF game this weekend which I'm looking forward to, and super excited to see this has finally released too.




This is so incredibly well done. I’ve just skimmed it and already have a dozen ideas of things to incorporate into my own games. If you took everything that’s inspiring and mind-bending about science fantasy of the Moebius/Heavy Metal variety and distilled it down into one zine, you’d get The Electrum Archive.


Thank you, David!