1.3 Update


I've updated the zine to version 1.3 which includes some typo fixes and updated wordings, but also a handful of small mechanical changes. They are as follows:

  • The Fixer's Backstab mastery now just makes it deal triple damage, instead of allowing the Fixer to backstab during combat using a Mask check.
  • The Fixer skill Many Pockets now lets them use Ammo from backpack slots, and the mastery grants two additional backpack slots instead of just one.
  • The Vagabond now starts with 2 grit and gains an additional grit each level. They also regain 1 grit when taking a short rest.
  • The Vagabonds trophies now let them deal 1d6 additional damage instead of 1d4.
  • The casting cost for spells has been increased and made more intuitive by sticking to a d6 based progression instead of mixing d4s and d6s.
    • Minor - 2d6
    • Major - 2d6 x 2
    •  Moderate - 3d6 x 5
    • Mythic - 4d6 x 25
  • Taking a short rest and eating something now heals 2 HP. Making a successful Archive check to tend to your wounds heals an additional d6 HP. 
  • The Blast weapon keyword text has been changed to: “Deals its damage to all creatures inside a zone.” and the Two-handed keyword now reads “two hand slots” instead of “both hand slots”. This to prevent confusion for characters with multiple arms.

For those who own a copy of the first print run (version 1.1), I have compiled an errata sheet which details all the changes since version 1.1. You can print this out to tuck into your physical copy or go to town on your zine with a pencil to add these changes.

Also, I'll be sending out the playtest rules for TEA 02 a little later today so if you want to get in on that, go check out the pre-order store where you can late pledge if you missed the Kickstarter!


- Emiel


The Electrum Archive - Issue 01.pdf 26 MB
Jun 28, 2023
TEA Errata (1.3).pdf 54 kB
Jun 28, 2023

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