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Hey all! 

I've added a link to a new google doc containing the source text for you all to copy and edit to your heart's content :)




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Hi. I translated the Google Doc to Spanish:

A few million of extra people who can enjoy this great game!

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Thank you so much! that's awesome! Is it okay if I link it on the main page?

Of course! Feel free to use it as you wish, the hardest work is yours!

Hi.  The rules for character death seem very punitive. If I get hit with a sword at first level (and have 1 Armour, say), I will take 3 Wounds and immediately have a 50-50 chance of dying.  Is that right?

Yes, that is correct :) The game (like many other old school D&D inspired games) encourages players to be careful in the early game and find ways to either avoid combat, or stack the odds heavily in their favour if they need to fight. 

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That's also why character creation is so simple, it allows players who die to quickly roll up a new adventurer and join the game again :)