TEA Tuesday: Elder Ink and the Realm Beyond

Hey all,

The zine is coming along well. There are still some rewrites to be done and a second pass of editing, but I'm happy with the pace at which it is coming along.

There isn't much to share besides "it's going well" so I want to leave you  with a double-page spread that I'm very excited about.  The spread explains some things about elder ink and the Realm Beyond, and features a stellar illustration by Logan Stahl, depicting an ink induced vision of the spirits that live beyond the Veil.

Keep in mind the text and layout of this spread is still a work in progress and might still change a bit before the zine is released :) I can't wait for you all to see the final zine!

- Emiel

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I find the idea of combining magic, money, and afterlife in one physical substance with many methods of use to be very fresh and exciting. I can't wait to see the final zine.

Thank you Brian :) I'm excited to share it with you all once it's finished!


My own home game has magic locked behind physical items: 6 particular types of jewels that spellcasters need to have in a particular combination for a specific spell effect. I really like the idea of having more than one way to use the physical magic item, though. I already had "use a specific combination for certain spells" and "use a specific combination for magic items or constructs" but you took it a couple steps further by tying it into the economy and afterlife. It's a very interesting development that I look forward to seeing.