TEA Tuesday: The Map of Orn

Hi folks!

The map of Orn is done! It took a while to draw and the humidity changes warping the paper did not help, but it turned into something I'm really proud of. So without further ado, here it is:

This is a low-resolution version since the original is too big to share on here, but the final release will include the full resolution map :) 

The map includes all the major locations described in the first zine and the travel times between them. The area around the points on the map is in no way topologically accurate but is there to give a rough idea of the regions the points are located in.

This map was really cool to put together and finishing it marks the beginning of the final stage of the development of this first issue. Speaking of the final stage, this will be the last TEA Tuesday for now, since I'm going to focus on finishing the rest of the zine in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for following along. I'll update you all again once it is close to being published :)

Until then. Stay safe <3

- Emiel

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Cannot wait to realise a full scale-adventure in your world... Crossing the vast Electrum sea whilst hunting trophy heads and huffing ink... 

I've played many TTRPG's in hopes that one day I would find the system that really sticks with me and is easy enough to run while still having enough complexity to keep it fun. Thanks for creating that game!

Thank you, that means a lot :) I'm excited for you to dive into the first zine!


Following the development of your map has been quite an experience. At first look it's so beautiful and then you realise how intricate it is, and you're hit with a giant sense of awe. 

Amazing work! 


Thanks, Philip :)