TEA Tuesday: Release date, Cover Art and Third Party License

Hey all,

This will be the final TEA Tuesday before the release of issue 01. Next week on Tuesday, August 30, the zine will be released! So mark your calendars, charge up the PDF reading device of choice and pick out a beverage to sip while reading :)

The zine has become a little bigger than initially planned; it went from 24 pages in early development, to 52 pages for the itchfunding campaign, but it has now settled on a solid 72 pages. Because the zine has grown a bit bigger, and I have put in a lot more work than originally planned, the price of the zine will go up to 12 USD when it's released. So if you still want to get it for 9 USD, make sure to pick it up before the 30th.

A while back I asked Logan to illustrate a wrap-around cover and I have been very excited to share this with you ever since he sent it to me. Now, I can finally show it:

Website and Third Party License

Over the last few weeks, I have been tinkering with a website for The Electrum Archive to make it easy to find where the zines will be available, and to have a central place for links to resources like character sheets and other community creations. Since a bunch of people have asked me what the license situation for TEA will be like, the website also includes a Third Party License with guidelines for anyone wanting to make their own TEA-compatible hacks and supplementary material.

The website is now live at electrumarchive.com :)

That's it for now, folks. I'm looking forward to sharing the final zine with you all next week!

Stay safe :)


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Oh man, I'm so excited! I can't wait to get back home and check out the full rules next week!